"We are emerging; emerging slowly and painfully!"
Infrastructure Delivery in South Africa

Liv Tørres (ed.)

Fafo-report 336

Web edition

Forskningstema: Sahel og Afrika sør for Sahara

"In every sphere of our society - economic, social, political, moral, cultural, environmental - South Africa is confronted by serious problems." These were the words of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) in 1994. In 1999, we entered the second period of democratic governance with very fragmented knowledge about the extent to which its goals have been met.

While the need to address infrastructure delivery has, to a large extent, been undisputed since 1994, the strategies, effects and success of delivery are far more controversial when we take stock in 1999. Many questions remain as to if, and how, people are better off now in terms of their access to services. While hopes were high in 1994, few expected all the challenges to be resolved by 1999. Yet, in order to improve delivery - and thereby growth and redistribution - more and better information is needed about the degree and distribution of delivery as well as barriers to delivery.

This report describes delivery in key sectors of infrastructure. We map delivery and examine the barriers to delivery on the basis of a in-depth interviews with government officials, a survey in three provinces as well as updated information about funds and policy-changes.

Utgitt: 2000 Id-nr.: 336