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  • Signe Gilen et al.

Finding Ways

Palestinian Coping Strategies in Changing Environments

  • Fafo-report 177
  • Fafo-report 177

The Declaration of Principles (DoP) between the PLO and Israel has profoundly altered the political, social and economic developments in the Middle East. Palestinians are apt to respond in diverse ways to the DoP, as they have to the wide range of political events and economic shocks which have affected their daily life since 1948.

These responses take a variety of forms, and the purpose of the present report is to document some of the strategies and adaptations that the Palestinians have made in the context of a rapidly changing socio-political environment. The report focuses on the way Palestinians have coped with their refugee-existence,and the strategies they have applied in order to survive outside their homeland.

The data on which this report is founded were produced during four field works in July 1994 in Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank. Each field work lasted for about a month, and anthropological methods were used.

  • Publisert: 3. februar 1994
  • Ordrenr. 177
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