Latvia: The Impact of the Transformation
The NORBALT Living Conditions Project

Aadne Aasland (ed.)

Fafo-report 188

Web edition

Liberated from almost 50 years of Soviet rule, Latvia in the 1990s has experienced profound political, economic and social change. How should the impact of this transformation on the living conditions of the Latvian population be understood? The present study gives new information on and insights into the situation in the mid-90s for the various age-groups, ethnic segments, etc. Based on a major survey carried out by Fafo and the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia in September 1994, it provides a comprehensive inquiry into areas such as health, employment, social contacts, housing conditions and political attitudes. The survey contains information on 9,400 individuals from 3,200 randomly selected households. The present survey, which covers a broad range of topics, represents the first nationwide living conditions study ever conducted in Latvia.

Utgitt: 1996 Id-nr.: 188