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Erik Hansen

Living Conditions on the Kola Peninsula

  • Fafo-report 155
  • Fafo-report 155

This report summarises the results from the Kola Peninsula Living Conditions Survey, which was carried out in the summer and autumn of 1992. This was the first time that a living conditions survey based on Scandinavian methodology was carried out on the Kola Peninsula, a fact which would have been unthinkable only very few years back. This is in itself evidence to the changing climate of cooperation in the European North, where the social challenge has replaced former Cold War lines of division.

This report presents a snapshot of life on the Kola Peninsula in the midst of economic and political reform. Based on a representative sample of the adult population from 1992, it is a baseline study that captures the conditions and variations in social and economic life along dimensions as population, health, education, housing, employment, consumption and income and economic resources. The report describes both the historic background and the roots of the present welfare distribution, as well as the economic structures and practices which have emerged after the demise of the Soviet Union and the command economy order.

The survey was carried out in cooperation between Fafo and the Moscow-based Russian-Norwegian Social Technologies Company (SOTECO).

  • Publisert: 24. januar 1993
  • Ordrenr. 155