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Consequences of “part-time culture” in four municipalities in Southern Norway

  • Engelsk sammendrag av Fafo-rapport 2019:06
  • Ketil Bråthen og Leif E. Moland
  • 27. mars 2019

In this report, consequences of “part-time culture” in different sectors such as health and care, kindergarten, technical and primary and secondary school in four municipalities (Flekkefjord, Hægebostad, Sirdal, and Kvinesdal) are studied. The data is based on qualitative interviews with employees, leaders, union representatives, users as well as surveys to employees, leaders, union representatives and politicians. Prior studies, mainly conducted in the health and care sector, have found that a high level of part-time employees may lead to reduced quality of service as well as operational inefficiency. This study principally confirms these findings across sectors. Most part-time employees are part-time employees because they want more leisure time and family time.