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Nutrition - still nobody's business?

To which degree have the positive statements by political leadership in the Norwegian government been followed-up by concrete investments in nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions?

The project will present a report covering the following areas:

  1. The importance of investing in nutrition in development policies
  2. Budget tracking of oversea development aid to nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions
  3. An updated overview of Norwegian development policies on nutrition, including nutrition-sensitive agriculture and how nutrition has been taken into the government’s main priorities in development policies/ODA (health and education).

The report will problematize and be in-depth, and include interviews with key stakeholders in MFA, Norad and Ministry of health and care services and other relevant actors (academia, CSOs). The report will look into how Norway could improve its nutrition-sensitive interventions, and into possibilities through agriculture, education and health.


Project period

  • Start:
    November 2016
  • End:
    January 2017

Commissioned by

  • Redd Barna