Evaluation of the program for financial support to immigrant entrepreneurs

In 2014, a new regime aimed at immigrant education training was introduced.

Through this regime, municipalities and county municipalities can apply IMDi for financial support in order to offer help to immigrants who wish to establish their own business. When evaluating the grant scheme, we focus on how the scheme has worked up to now, and its contribution to the bigger picture. What is the pre-conditions that must be present in order to succeed in strengthening immigrant prerequisites for establishing their own business?

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-rapport 2018:03
Ragna Lillevik og Silje Sønsterudbråten
Evaluering av et tiltak for innvandrere som vil starte egen bedrift

Project participant(s)

Ragna Lillevik

Research area(s)

Inclusion of immigrants

Project period

September 2017
February 2018