Ragna Lillevik
Ragna Lillevik

    Academic background:

    PhD. in political science from the University of Oslo

Area of work:

Immigration and integration, democratic rights and political participation, Islam in Europe.

Research areas: Inclusion of immigrants | The multi-cultural society | Barn av innvandrere

Ragna Lillevik is a researcher at Fafo. Her work covers a number of topics related to the policy areas of immigration, integration and diversity. Many of the projects Lillevik has led or worked on have been evaluations of public measures within the asylum administration or the integration field. Lillevik has also researched governance of Islam in Norway for her PhD, as part of the interdisciplinary project "Muslim Politics and Governance of Islam: Interactions of Structure and Culture in Multireligious Europe".

Lillevik has extensive empirical knowledge of Norwegian immigration, integration and diversity policy. She is particularly interested in how politics is implemented and works in practice, and therefore often studies the encounters between different groups of refugees, immigrants and minorities, and public services. She has extensive experience with qualitative fieldwork and methods such as case studies, observation, focus groups and qualitative interviews, as well as experience with online surveys. Dissemination to stakeholders and the general public is an integrated part of all her projects at Fafo.

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Guri Tyldum and Ragna Lillevik
Migration policies and irregular migration into Europe
A review of the current knowledge base
Fafopaper 2021:02
Hanne C. Kavli og Ragna Lillevik
Vi har nå holdt hjulene i gang
Kommunenes integreringsarbeid under koronautbruddet
Fafo-rapport 2020:16
Ragna Lillevik, Nerina Weiss, Hanne Kavli, Gitte Haugnæss og Morten Stenstadvold
Fafo-rapport 2020:03
Ragna Lillevik og Guri Tyldum
A chance to qualify – experiences with the introductory programme for refugees
Brukerundersøkelse blant deltakere i introduksjonsprogrammet
Fafo-rapport 2018:35
Ragna Lillevik og Silje Sønsterudbråten
På egne bein
Evaluering av et tiltak for innvandrere som vil starte egen bedrift
Fafo-rapport 2018:03
Ragna Lillevik, Silje Sønsterudbråten og Guri Tyldum
Evaluering av tilrettelagt avdeling i asylmottak
Et tilbud til asylsøkere med helseproblemer
Fafo-rapport 2017:22
Beret Bråten, Josefine Jahreie og Ragna Lillevik
Innvandrerorganisasjoners rolle i integreringen
Sett gjennom en statlig tilskuddsordning
Fafo-rapport 2017:14

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