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Irregular migrants in Norwegian cities

Fafo will investigate the possibilities and limitations municipal authorities have for influencing the situation of migrants without legal residence, in five Norwegian cities.

Irregular migrants are characterized by their geographical location in Norway and thus form part of Norwegian society, both physically and partly socially, but at the same time they are excluded from the Norwegian welfare state and the rights that come with political and institutional membership or recognition. People living as irregular migrants in Norwegian cities therefore live very vulnerable lives. Fafo will investigate what possibilities and restrictions municipal authorities have in order to influence the situation of people staying there without legal residence. The project is being implemented in the cities of Bergen, Kristiansand, Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim, and the municipality of Bergen is the project leader.

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-rapport 2021:15
Ragna Lillevik og Guri Tyldum
En kartlegging av norske storbyers møter med irregulære migranter

Project management

Ragna Lillevik

Project participant(s)

Ragna Lillevik
Guri Tyldum

Commissioned by

Bergen municipality

Research area(s)

Inclusion of immigrants

Project period

May 2020
January 2021