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World Development Report 2011. Conflict, security and Development

See Norwegian version for more information on the project.


World Development Report 2011: Fafo’s contributions
The World Bank recently published its World Development Report for 2011.
Entitled “Conflict, Security, and Development”, the report
examines the changing nature of violence in the 21st century. Fafo contributed to the report by conducting surveys in a number of fragile and violence affected areas, including Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, DR Congo, Mali, Sierra Leone, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The results from Fafo’s research is particularly used in the two first chapters of the WDR 2011. That is, Chapter 1 ‘Repeated violence threatens development’ that explores how repeated cycles of organised criminal violence and civil conflict threatens development locally and regionally and are responsible f
or much of the global deficit in the meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Chapter ‘Vulnerability to violence’, reviews the combination of internal and external stresses and institutional factors that lead to violence. It argues that capable, accountable and legitimate institutions are the common ‘missing factor’ explaining why some societies are more resilient to violence than
others. Without attention to institutional transformation, countries are susceptible to a vicious cycle of repeated violence

WDR 2011 Full report


Project period

  • Start:
    January 2010
  • End:
    December 2010

Commissioned by

  • World Bank