Violence and Conflict

How do violence and conflict impact individuals, communities and institutions? Fafo has long experience in researching conflicts and social unrest around the globe. Our research focuses on how people and institutions are affected by, respond to and recover from violence and conflict.

We aim at uncovering the underlying drivers of conflict, who the main actors are on the local, national, regional and global levels, and the conditions under which conflicts are created and sustained.

Our research focuses on the continuum of violence (Bourgois 2004), that is the interlinkage of domestic, structural and political violence. Our research therefore also explores the impact of violence and conflict on health, social relations and political participation.

Research topics vary from the integration of traumatized refugees, human trafficking, torture, as well as an indebt study of civil wars, social unrest and terrorism around the world.

Foto: Nerina Weiss/Fafo



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En global utfordring

Dagens Næringsliv

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The crisis around Lake Chad

Africa is a Country

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Yahya Jammeh's tribalism

Africa is a Country

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