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Designing Equitable and Effective Strategies to Combat Violence, Hate, and Discrimination: between wholeness and fragmentation

The diversity of the Norwegian population has received increasing attention in the development of public policy and services in recent decades. A diversity perspective implies an acknowledgement that the risk of violence and discrimination, the form and direction of the violations, as well as the victims' and practitioners' need for help, can vary between and within groups - based on constellations of and intersectional interaction between a number of dimensions of inequality and power, such as gender, age, social background, ethnicity, religion, functional ability, sexual orientation, etc.

In such a perspective, equal public services are about how services and measures can be adapted to this diversity in the best possible way. Against this background, the goal of equal and comprehensive service offerings (also referred to as coordinated / connected services) has been central to the latest governmental action plans against violence in close relationships and against discrimination of different groups (JD 2021, KD 2021, KUD 2020 etc.). In this project, we take a closer look at central development features for equality and diversity work, while at the same time seeking to summarize research findings made in sub-projects linked to the overall research project "Develop equal and effective measures against violence and discrimination".


Project period

  • Start:
    May 2022
  • End:
    December 2025

Commissioned by

  • The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs