Ship Global

The primary aim is to study the reconfiguration of employers' production and staffing strategies within a global but regionally concentrated industry from a comparative perspective and to develop a conceptual understanding of how transnational shifts in production and staffing strategies are negotiated inside the EU/EEA. Secondary objectives include: 1) to investigate how national sectoral industrial relations systems influence and are influenced by such changes in transnational production and staffing strategies; 2) to trace how technological innovations influence employer strategies; 3) to assess how EU level Social Dialogue and re-regulations impact the relationship between production and staffing strategies in different corners of the Single Market.

Project management

Anne Mette Ødegård

Project management

Ines Wagner, ISF

Project participant(s)

Jon Erik Dølvik
Anne Mette Ødegård

Commissioned by

Research Council of Norway

Research area(s)

Labour migration

Project period

September 2020
December 2024