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Labour migrants and the Norwegian housing market

Labour migrants are vulnerable in the limited and pressured Norwegian housing rental market. Rental prices have risen sharply, especially in the last two years. Around half of migrant workers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania rent housing.

Those on short-term stays, for instance commuting migrants, are usually dependent on accommodation provided by employers. Migrant workers who get housing through their employers can be exposed to exploitation or find themselves in a highly dependent relationship with their employers. Deficiencies and poor living conditions in overcrowded apartments and unsuitable barracks have also been uncovered. In this project, we examine migrant workers' housing and dwelling conditions, with an emphasis on those who do not own their own homes. The project will result in a working paper where we gather knowledge about migrant workers' situation in the housing market and what can make them particularly vulnerable. A seminar will also be organised in collaboration between Centre for Housing and Welfare Research (HOUSINGWEL) and Fafo Østforum.


Project period

  • Start:
    December 2023
  • End:
    April 2024

Commissioned by

  • Centre for Housing and Welfare Research


Sustainable development goals


  • Torsdag 8. februar 2024, kl. 14.00–15.30

    Hva med arbeidsinnvandrerne i et presset boligmarked?

    Seminar i regi av Fafo Østforum og BOVEL – Senter for bolig- og velferdsforskning