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Platform work and social protection of platform workers in Jordan

Mapping the characteristics of workers and working conditions in digital platform companies in Jordan

The emergence of digital platforms presents new forms of employment requiring further investigation and understanding within various contexts, including their implications for the social protection and welfare of workers. This study aims at understanding the platform economy in Jordan and exploring the working conditions and status of social protection among platform workers. More specifically, the study explores the various aspects of platform-facilitated work in Jordan: its characteristics, the characteristics of the workers, what kind of work arrangement they have, to what extent the platform work is a permanent or principal occupation, and to which extent workers mix platform work with other occupations or other forms of employment, and what are current social protection practices and preferences for enhanced access to social protection coverage. The study focuses on location-based platforms, i.e., tasks carried out in person at specific locations, covering taxi and food delivery services.


Project period

  • Start:
    January 2022
  • End:
    June 2023

Commissioned by

  • ILO

Sustainable development goals