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Command from the Saddle: Managing United Nations peace-building missions
Peace Implementation Network

Fafo-report 266

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How does the United Nations carry out peace-building missions? And what can be done to strengthen mission management and enhance the UN’s overall role in supporting countries striving to make the transition from conflict to peace? In July 1998, Fafo’s Peace Implementation Network convened a two-day Forum of past and present heads of UN peace missions, along with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Deputy Secretary-General Lousie Fréchette, the head of the UN’s peace-keeping department, the head of UNDP, and other senior UN officials. Drawing on the observations and analysis presented by these participants, “Command from the Saddle” examines the political, diplomatic and socio-economic context of the UN’s peace-building work and offers practicable measures to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Published: 1999 Id-nr.: 266