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  • Anna Hagen, Marjan Nadim og Torgeir Nyen

Vocational education and training in new areas

En kartlegging av virksomhetenes holdninger til nyere fag i tjenesteytende virksomhet

  • Fafo-rapport 2010:12
  • Fafo-rapport 2010:12
Vocational education and training in Norway covers a wide range of trades and vocations. Within parts of the labour market, like traditional crafts and industry, apprenticeship training is well established as a qualification route. Within the service sector, however, vocational training lacks a firm foundation. This report takes a closer look at the prerequisites for the establishments of new vocational trades. A quantitative survey  among enterprises was conducted, investigating attitudes towards vocationally trained employees within office and administration, sales, logistics, ICT service and health work. In addition, the report draws upon a limited number of qualitative interviews within selected enterprises.
  • Published: 8. February 2010
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