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Policy or Process?

The Politics of International Peace Implementation

  • Fafo-report 456
  • Fafo-report 456

The frameworks we bring to the question of peace operations are under great stress, as evidenced most recently by the debate over what role the UN may take on in Iraq. But that debate is linked to a deeper tension within international responses to conflict: operational effectiveness in specific missions is crucial to the legitimacy of the multilateral system as a whole.

The Peace Implementation Network forum summarised by this report was an attempt to respond to this reality. The forum asked a select group of practitioners with experience of a number of peace implementation situations to discuss how implementation did or did not work. Based on input from the participants, the report makes a number of practical suggestions for improving the management of peace implementation.

The Peace Implementation Network is supported by the Government of Norway and the MacArthur Foundation

  • Published: 3. March 2004
  • Ordering ID: 456
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