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Preventing human trafficking
Positive Deviance methodology in practice

Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees

Fafo-report 2015:22

Web edition

Forskere på Fafo: Anette Brunovskis

This paper, jointly authored by Fafo and NEXUS Institute, is intended as a resource for practitioners working in the field of trafficking prevention. We discuss our experiences in developing a trafficking prevention project, based on positive deviance methodology. This project was implemented in a town in Albania, in collaboration with the Albanian organisation Different & Equal. First we offer an overview of the positive deviance methodology; then we outline potential and previous uses of positive deviance in the trafficking field; next we provide a description of the pilot prevention project in Albania; and finally we explore some overarching issues and considerations in using positive deviance to prevent trafficking, highlighting both potential opportunities and limitations. We end with an annotated bibliography that offers a list of literature and resources on positive deviance methodology generally, as well as specifically in terms of its application in the field of human trafficking.

Published: 2015 Id-nr.: 20427