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  • Johanne Stenseth Huseby and Kristin Alsos

How to unionise freelancers and the solo selfemployed?

Experiences from Norway

  • Faktaflak mai 2024
  • Faktaflak mai 2024
In the changing world of work, where new technology has paved the way for more fragmented employment relationships, national and EU-level initiatives have been taken to strengthen social dialogue for non-standard workers, freelancers and the solo self-employed. In Norway, trade unions have traditionally played a crucial role in setting and enforcing wages and working conditions, and in giving workers a voice. Therefore, it is of particular interest to examine how unions could approach freelancers and the solo self-employed and be seen as relevant for all workers, irrespective of their contractual relationship. In this policy brief we will present good practices undertaken by Norwegian unions to approach freelancers and the solo self-employed.
  • Published: 2. May 2024