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Johanne Stenseth Huseby

Research assistant


Master's degree in globalisation and sustainable development, NTNU

Area of work

Current projects

Status update on the use and scope of digital platform work
The purpose of the project is to enhance knowledge about the use, scope, actors, and nature of platform work in the Norwegian labor market, and how this has evolved since 2017.
Unionizing labour immigrants

Only among 24 per cent of the labour immigrants in Norway are members of a trade union. In this project, we investigate why this is so. There is a need for more knowledge about how trade unions work to reach migrant workers and what experiences the organized migrant workers have had.

Skills reform for workers: What can we learn from the Nordic Countries?

Fafo skal lage en kunnskapsoversikt over kompetansepolitiske tiltak rettet mot faglært og ufaglært arbeidskraft i de nordiske landene de siste 10-15 årene. Oversikten skal også si noe om erfaringer med ulike typer tiltak.

Better enforcement through improved Nordic–Baltic cooperation

This project will firstly, identify best practices and, secondly, contribute to the effort to improve transnational cooperation on the enforcement of posted work. Moreover, it will bring important knowledge to the work of the European Labour Authority (ELA) in supporting national authorities when it comes to enforcement. Our consortium consists of Fafo and the Labour Inspectorates in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estland, Lithuania and Finland. During our activities, we will also engage national social partners. Our method is a mix of document analysis, interviews and workshops. Through seminars, we will disseminate knowledge about the main objectives of this project.

Role of the Labour Inspectorate

This projcet will, firstly, focus on the role of and activities in the national Labour Inspectorate, secondly, we address the activities of internal and external preventive services that support compliance and promote OSH, and finally we describe the interaction between these two

Articles and book chapters

Completed projects