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Towards a more inclusive construction site in Kruse Smith
Innføring av ny planleggingsmetodikk i pilotprosjektet Kanalpiren

Sol Skinnarland og Svein Erik Moen

Fafo-rapport 2010:07

Nettutgave Within the construction industry, new means to  achieve an improved production flow and to eliminate waste in construction processes are explored. This is particularly essential since building projects are characterized by delays and quality errors. Kruse Smith AS has introduced a new planning methodology in two pilot projects, where the aim has been to achieve increased production flow through a more coordinated management of the production process. Increased interaction among all projects participants – own employees and subcontractors - in the planning process, has been central. Fafo has evaluated the project, based on interviews with supervisors and project managers from Kruse Smith and subcontractors. This report summarizes lessons learned from the project.

Utgitt: 2010 Id-nr.: 20151