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New accounting system in three governmental agencies
En intervjuundersøkelse



Øyvind M. Berge, Inger Marie Hagen, Sissel C. Trygstad

Fafo-rapport 2009:52
ISBN 978-82-7422-710-1
ISSN 0801-6143

2009, 78 s kr. 178,- Ordrenr: 20142


(pdf 720kb)

Three different governmental agencies in Norway have during the last years tried out a new account system in addition to the traditional cash principle. Trade union representatives and management in all three agencies and both politicians and bureaucrats in the relevant ministries have been interviewed by Fafo in order to map out different experiences and opinions. Does the new system affect division of powers inside the bodies, between politicians and the agencies and how does it affect the day-to-day running of the agencies?
The report is financed by LO (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions).

178,00 kr



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