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Get us the ones we need. Labor strategies and the prevention of social dumping in health care services
Om arbeidskraftstrategier og forebygging av sosial dumping i helse og omsorg

Fafo-rapport 2011:20
ISBN 978-82-7422-817-7 (papirutgave)
ISBN 978-82-7422-818-4 (nettutgave)
ISSN 0801-6143

2011, 153 s kr. 253,- Ordrenr: 20211


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Even in  such a well-organized and regulated sector as health care, you’ll find grave examples of low wages, long working hours and undignified living conditions. The so-called Adecco case from February 2011 was a warning, but this was not the first and certainly not the only case with elements of social dumping of foreign nurses. Our study shows that nurses employed in temporary agencies are particularly vulnerable when it comes to unacceptable wages and working conditions. The number of foreign nurses is growing.  For the time the problem is limited, but if this trend continues it will require more effort from both the authorities and the social partners. Therefore, training of shop stewards and organizing foreign nurses should be important topics for the Norwegian Nurses Organisation in the future.
253,00 kr

253,00 kr