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From Financial Crisis towards a Coherent Agenda for Decent Work and Sustainable Globalization
Background paper for Coherence and Accountability Forum, ILO, Geneva, 11 June 2009



Gudmund Hernes and Jon Erik Dølvik

Fafo-report 2009:25
ISBN 978-82-7422-683-8
ISSN 0801-6143

2009, 21 s, Ordrenr: 20115


(pdf 843kb)

This report sketches the background, elements, and main challenges of the DWA, based on the Fafo-report Pathways to Decent Work in the Global Economy, which was presented at the conference ‘Decent Work – A Key to Social Justice for a Fair Globalisation’ in Oslo 5 September 2008. Focusing on the need for greater coherence, it identifies sources of incoherence in developing and pursuing a common agenda to overcome the crisis and promote decent work. Arguing next that different international agencies are embedded theories, so to speak, it addresses what is called errors of two kinds: One is violation of fundamental rights used to gain a comparative advantage, the other using labour standards for protectionist purposes. Finally some possible avenues for action are identified.


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