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Irakere i Jordan

Since the start of the Iraqi crisis a large number of Iraqis have left Iraq for other countries. Various estimates of the numbers of Iraqis in Jordan have been put forward, with some as high as one million, or 18 percent of the population of Jordan. However, such estimates were often not based on credible evidence.

Therefor, during April and May 2007 Fafo, in cooperation with Department of Statistics in Jordan, carried out a survey of Iraqis in Jordan. The survey aimed to determine the number and characteristics of the Iraqis.

In addition to the survey, other sources were consulted, principally immigration records collected by the Jordanian border controls since 1990, as well as the number phone subscriptions registered on Iraqi nationals.

The study was financed by a grant from the Norwegian Government, and an additional grant from UNFPA.


Iraqis in Jordan - their number and charateristics(report with tabulations)

Iraqi Questionnaire - English

Iraqi Questionnaire - Arabic

Seven questions on the estimation of the number of Iraqis in Jordan

Iraqis in Jordan Sampling Plan


Kristin Dalen


Kristin Dalen
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