Workers and firms from Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania in Norway

Anne Mette Ødegård and Kristine Nergaard

Fafopaper 2020:04

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Forskningstema: Arbeidsinnvandring

Prosjekt: Arbeidstakere fra Romania, Bulgaria, Estland og Litauen i Norge – en kartlegging

Forskere på Fafo: Anne Mette Ødegård, Kristine Nergaard

The national labour markets in the EU/EEA-countries differ substantially from each other. Our assumption is therefore that workers and firms from other countries have limited knowledge about how the Norwegian labour market functions. 

The results from this project reveal a considerable lack of information among labour immigrants from Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania. The knowledge that is gathered will be used in an information campaign aimed at workers and firms that are planning to take up work in Norway.

Utgitt: 2020 Id-nr.: 10325