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Gender perspective in the working environment and health, environment and safety work
UNIO har tatt initiativ til et pilotprosjekt for å undersøke om det er forskjeller i arbeidsmiljøutfordringer og HMS-arbeid i kvinnedominerte og mannsdominerte virksomheter. Vi ønsker vi å få mer kunnskap om kjønnsforskjeller i arbeidsmiljøutfordringer og det systematiske HMS-arbeidet i kommunal sektor. Vi vil undersøke to kvinnedominerte og en mannsdominert sektor i to kommuner.
Living conditions after the Sichuan earthquake

A major earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale hit Wenchuan County of Sichuan province on 12 May 2008. Its strength and its catastrophic impact made it among the strongest earthquakes recorded in the history of China as well as in the world.  In order to inform the planning of post-earthquake restoration and reconstruction, Fafo and its partner institution Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED) were entrusted to conduct a rapid needs assessment of the affected population immediately after the earthquake, and to do three follow-up studies of living conditions in disaster areas in 2009, 2011 and 2017.

A guidance note on the elimination of child labour in agriculture through social protection

Fafo has been asked by FAO to make a literature review on social protection and its potentials in addressing child labour in agriculture and to produce a guidance note to eliminate child labour in agriculture through social protection.

Children and youth in immigration

The project's overall objective is to contribute to better pediatric expertise in the immigration administration's various agencies and better meetings between children and the immigration administration. The assignment consists of evaluating whether the process for children who meet the immigration administration and the pediatric competence in the agencies UDI, UNE, and PU, has improved between 2016 and 2019 after various measures have been initiated to strengthen these target areas. The evaluation will examine both children and employees' experiences with the implemented measures and the results of these - that is, how the implementation of the measures in the agencies has contributed to change. The results from the evaluation will contribute to the agencies' continued efforts in meeting children.

The Norwegian ABE reform (ACPD) in music and performing arts

In this project, Fafo will investigate the consequences of the ABE reform for institutions within music and performing arts that receive state subsidies. The study will investigate why these institutions were included in the ABE reform and the reasons given for this. The project will try to shed light on the discussion, or lack of discussion, related to whether the ABE reform as a productivity tool conflicts with the special position of the cultural institutions as artistically independent.

Mid-term evaluation of Områdesatsingene in Oslo

The mid-term evaluation will provide an assessment of results and effects so far and recommend what it takes to achieve the goals by 2027. The evaluation will include both the two tracks in the Områdesatsning; improvements in the physical and social services (area development) and improvements in the services aimed at the inhabitants of the area (service development)

Is advertising practice in the municipalities a barrier to full-time culture

The project will study the processes that lead to job advertisements in health and the care sector in the municipalities, especially part-time positions

Participation and influence - Unio's role through 20 years

The project will study Unio's role as a central organisation for twenty years, with emphasis on co-determination and influence. The results will be presented in a report and a presentation at Unio's congress in December 2021.

Youth Employment and Gender Equality: Mobilizing human capital for sustainable growth in Greece

Greece has major challenges related to low employment rates among young people and women. The purpose of the project is to document and analyze the situation in the Greek labor market in order to uncover barriers that affect young people's and women's labor market participation. Furthermore, it will propose measures that may contribute to increased employment among young people, including what measures can be taken to break gender-related barriers.

Evaluation of N.K.S. Sisterhood

Fafo will, on behalf of Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening, evaluate Sisterhood – a program for young girls aged 12-20 years. The aim is to evaluate whether Sisterhood’s goals and intentions have been achieved, its use of resources, if it contributes to  increased membership in the organisation, and if there are room for improvements.

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