Radiographs and work intensity
In this project, we will investigate the labor intensity and pressure among radiographers and whether these factors are perceived to have increased in recent years.
Knowledge of the Norwegian language among migrant workers
What kind of language training needs have workers born abroad? And what kind of offers are given?
Working and living conditions for migrants from Poland and Lithuania

We will conduct a nationwide survey among migrant workers from Poland and Lithuania, living in Norway.

Young people in deprived city living areas

This project takes as its starting point young persons’ own experiences as it explores which factors that support or hinder social inclusion of young persons with immigration backgrounds growing up in deprived city areas.

Competence mapping and career guidance

The project examines how early competence mapping and career guidance, two recently introduced measures, can help recently settled refugees make more targeted qualification and career choices, and help municipalities to better adapt their services to refugees.

Impact of the de-bureaucratization and streamlining reform (ABE reform)

How is the de-bureaucratization and streamlining reform (ABE reform) implemented in state agencies and how does it affect daily work?

Evaluation - Child Welfare
The aim of the project «Barnehjernevernet» (Children's Brain Protection Welfare Service) is to prevent, detect and offer assistance to children and young people who experience neglect, violence or sexual abuse.
Full-time work and part-time work within the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees
The project will complement local development studies with a nationwide survey of the reasons for a widespread practice of part-time work and the support for the government's and working life organizations' goal of developing a full-time culture.
Development of models for economic incentives in the introductory programme
In this project we will develop models for economic incentives designed to improve the results in the introductory programme and language training for newly arrived immigrants. In phase 2 and 3 (yet to be commissioned) we will pilot and test the models.
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