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Actors in the sharing economy

This project aims to identify and analyze players in sharing economy in Norway, and will focus particularly on the services which involves provision of labour.

In this project we will provide an overview of companies and initiatives that exist at present as well as try to measure how many who work within the sharing economy in Norway. Furthermore, the project aims to cover what characterizes the relations between the actors, and how factors such as health and safety are taken care of. The project is implemented in cooperation with SNF and international researchers.

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-notat 2016:23
Kristin Jesnes, Beate Sletvold Øistad, Kristin Alsos og Torstein Nesheim

Project management

Kristin Alsos

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Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet

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Ny teknologi

Project period

August 2016
December 2017