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All the way - a new path towards full-time culture

In this project, the municipalities of Drammen, Fredrikstad, and the district Østensjø in Oslo will try out new methods to develop a ‘fulltime culture’ in municipal services. Fafo will contribute with expertise through a research approach inspired by ‘formative dialogue research’. The project’s aim is to increase the full-time share of employees from approx. 30 to nearly 90 percent, reducing involuntary part-time work as well as temporary work. 

Gains for operations and users include having permanent and more qualified employees with a high level of presence.

Innovative forms of involvement

New types of shift work arrangements will be tried out in the various projects. However, the project’s primary innovation is related to developing and implementing initiatives that may motivate managers and employees to try out different shift work arrangements and recruitment methods that support the municipalities’ aims.

The innovation project

Initially, all municipalities will try out new forms of involvement. This is done in all 16 pilot units as well as in a number of other units.

Subsequently, different shift work arrangements and recruitment methods will be implemented and tested. This testing takes place in all pilot units and in a number of other units outside the project.

The research project

Through a pilot study, a baseline has been established. The results are published in the Fafo report «En ny vei mot heltid» (Moland & Bråthen 2019).

In the main project, qualitative and quantitative data will be collected. In addition, register data from KS (PAI) and the included municipalities will be analyzed annually.

As part of the project, Fafo will organize individual workshops together with the pilot units, as well as participate in bi-annual gatherings with all included municipalities and smaller gatherings in each municipality.


Project period

  • Start:
    March 2020
  • End:
    December 2023

Commissioned by

  • The Research Council of NorwayFredrikstad County

Sustainable development goals