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Ketil Bråthen


Current projects

The full-time pot
The “Full-time Pot” is a development program for testing initiatives in the workplace with the aim of establishing more full-time positions. The program is funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. The evaluation is conducted by Fafo, Economics Norway (SØA), and Framlent.
Advanced practice nursing in the municipalities

Descriptions of nurses with a Master's in Advanced Practice Nursing (AKS / APN), also called nurse practioner, their roles and tasks in municipal health and care services, assessments of the content of the education, and the municipalities' plans for using APN graduates Register data, surveys and qualitative interviews in selected case municipalities are used.

Extent of work outside of normal daytime hours

The main research question of the project is to investigate the extent of work outside regular daytime hours, specifically work in the evening, night, and weekends. The need for knowledge is described as twofold, partly an investigation within the retail sector, and partly a comprehensive mapping.

Food aid in Norway

Fafo and ISF will together explore the Norwegian food aid system.

Long shifts with a reduced need for temporary workers

R&D project on the health and care sector incorporates absence prediction into the staffing plans so that the need to hire extra guards is reduced to a minimum. The aim of such staffing plans is to ensure continuity in the services by being able to use permanent staff with the right skills and a high level of presence. The project will document practices in municipalities and hospitals and what experiences they have with staffing plans that can reduce the use of temporary workers when permanent employees are absent. Method: Qualitative interviews at six service locations and a survey of nurse managers.

Extended staffing in kindergartens

Development project where two municipal kindergartens will increase the permanent staffing by one man-year in order to have more robust staffing that can reduce the need for temporary hires in case of absence. It is also a goal to reduce sickness absence.

Taking a new grip - methods for including people with intellectual disbilities in work

Innovation project. Stavanger municipality will create new possibilities for inclusion, self-determination and participation in work and activity for adults with intellectual disabilities.

What does full time cost

The project will study the financial consequences of the municipalities reducing the scope of small part-time positions and replacing these with fewer, but larger part-time and full-time positions.

Follow-up research of the Tørn program

Follow-up research by Tørn, a development program in which 60 municipalities try out measures for better organization of work tasks, staff allocation and working time arrangements that can provide more full-time employment.

Competence boost 2025 for the health sector

Fafo, with three other actors, aims to develop statistical background material for the government's plan for recruitment, competence, and professional development in the healthcare sector for the period 2021–2025. We will also evaluate the use of resources to achieve the goals for K 2025.

All the way - a new path towards full-time culture

In this project, the municipalities of Drammen, Fredrikstad, and the district Østensjø in Oslo will try out new methods to develop a ‘fulltime culture’ in municipal services. Fafo will contribute with expertise through a research approach inspired by ‘formative dialogue research’. The project’s aim is to increase the full-time share of employees from approx. 30 to nearly 90 percent, reducing involuntary part-time work as well as temporary work. 

Fafo publications

Articles and book chapters

Completed projects

Division of tasks and competence utilization in the health and care sector
The project will survey the municipalities' and hospitals' experiences with division of tasks and better utilization of the expertise of various occupational groups, more specifically health professionals, health secretaries, care nurses and porters.
Use of temps and temp agencies in the health and care sector

Describes scope, costs, reasons and effects of various forms of temporary employment in the municipal health and care services and in the specialist health service.

Is advertising practice in the municipalities a barrier to full-time culture

The project will study the processes that lead to job advertisements in health and the care sector in the municipalities, especially part-time positions

Part-time work in hospitals
In this project we will investigate weaknesses and strengths of three measures that aim to recruit more nurses (and health care workers) to full-time positions in hospitals.
Full-time work and part-time work within the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees
The project will complement local development studies with a nationwide survey of the reasons for a widespread practice of part-time work and the support for the government's and working life organizations' goal of developing a full-time culture.
Samhandling i byggeprosessen

The project is based on a joint effort of Norwegian industry and research partners (Skanska, Statsbygg, LINK Arkitektur, Multiconsult, Fafo, SINTEF and NTNU). The aim of the project is to increase value creation and innovation in the society, the AEC-industry and the involved companies by developing and improving BIM-supported processes and collaboration in real-life projects. The key methodology is action research, based on the cyclic interaction between identifying problems, developing and implementing solutions, and evaluating effects in ongoing building projects.