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Nordic 0-24 collaboration

Nordic 0-24 is a Nordic cross sectoral collaboration for vulnerable children and young persons between 0 and 24 year.

The project is initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers and comprises national cases on how to develop improved services to vulnerable children, young persons and their families by means of enhancing cross-sectoral collaboration. Eight cases will be carried out, one in each of the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, as well as Greenland, the Faroe Island and Aaland. In the process evaluation we will study the national cases and conduct a comparative analyses to identify strengths and challenges related to how these cases are organised and regulated, as well as to identify best practice on how to improve service delivery through a coordination and collabortion of services directed at vulnerable children and young persons in the Nordic countries.

Fafo-report 2018:22
Inger Lise Skog Hansen, Ragnhild Steen Jensen, Anne Hege Strand, Elisabeth Brodtkorb and Sidsel Sverdrup
First interim report

Fafo-report 2019:23
Inger Lise Skog Hansen, Ragnhild Steen Jensen and Helle Cathrine Hansen
Second interim report

Project manager

Project participant(s)

Ragnhild Steen Jensen

Project period

October 2017
June 2020