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  • Arne Backer Grønningsæter og Bjørn Richard Nuland

Lesbians and Gays in Sápmi. A narrative approach to explore living conditions

En narrativ levekårsundersøkelse

  • Fafo-rapport 2009:26
  • Fafo-rapport 2009:26

Gay and lesbian Sámi make up a minority group that up until recently has been invisible in research and public policy. As a result, very little information and knowledge exist about the living conditions of this group. The aim of this report is to provide knowledge of how gay and lesbian Sámi experience life today. The project has used a narrative approach to study the living conditions of this group, and by telling the life stories of the informants, the project aims to make gay and lesbian Sámi more widely visible. The report shows that the Sámi culture is an important part of the informants’ identities. It has not been easy for them to cope with a multiple minority status, and although they have as a result experienced social exclusion and discrimination, they appear proud of both being Sámi and of being lesbian or gay.

  • Published: 19. February 2009
  • Ordering ID: 20116
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