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Arne Backer Grønningsæter

Researcher (Retired)


Senior Researcher, M.A. (Comparative European Social Studies), Sociology and social work

Area of work

Social services, living conditions in vulnerable groups, powerty, comparative social policy, research cooperation with the Baltic countries and Southern Africa

Current projects

Youth with neurobiological diagnoses

The NEUROLIFE project maps experiences with and perspectives on living conditions, social participation, and public services among young people with neurodevelopmental diagnoses (ADHD, Autism and Tourette's Syndrome). A disproportionate number of young adults with these diagnoses meet physical, social, and financial challenges. There are clear limitations to how the public services are currently able to provide the support this group could need to have better lives.

Inclusive education for children with a disability in the Sahel

This research project addresses the challenges of inclusive education in the Sahel, a region characterized by fragility and conflict.

Fafo publications

Articles and book chapters

Other publications

Completed projects

Working conditions for employees with LBGT identity in the Church of Norway
The aim of this study is to discuss whether employees with LGBT background in the Church of Norway are exposed to special challenges in the performance of their professions.
Evaluation of reinforced youth effort

The project will evaluate new and reinforced youth effort, which was introduced in NAV in 2017.

Services and ME

About the meeting between ME-patients and their next of kin and the public services. Register data, qualitative interviews and a survey will be used to gather new information about this patient group.

Challenges within the social housing field in Nes municipality

The municipality of Nes wants an analysis of their work within the social housing field. This is part of the municipality's participation in the national program Living for welfare 2016-2020.

Ageing with HIV

Ageing with HIV is a study among elderly people living with HIV.