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  • Fafo-report 2014:47
  • Åge A. Tiltnes and Huafeng Zhang

The socio-economic conditions of Jordan’s Palestinian camp refugees

Summary of findings from two surveys, 2011

  • Fafo-report 2014:47

This report summarizes findings of two household surveys examining the living conditions of the Palestinian refugee-camp population in Jordan 2011, and examines how the living conditions have evolved since the late 1990s. It finds that people’s overall situation has improved, but that there are significant differences across camps and socio-economic groups, on many indicators.

The Questionnaires and tabulation reports can be found on the project page: Living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Jordan 2011–2012

  • Published: 30. December 2014
  • Ordering ID: 20394
  • ISBN
    ISBN 978-82-324-0157-4 (paper edition)ISBN 978-82-324-0158-1(web edition)ISSN 0801-614
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