Completed projects

Digital platforms - new ways of organising work and novel opportunities for economic growth

In this project, Fafo and Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse (SØA) will identify bottlenecks, possible solutions and opportunities for growth and innovation of the platform economy.

The project is commissioned by Nordic Innovation together with the five national Federations of Professional Associations in the Nordic countries. The project will be conducted by Rolf Røtnes, Fernanda Winger Eggen, Jørgen Ingerød Steen from SØA and Kristin Jesnes and Johan Røed Steen from Fafo. The project team also consists of experts from the Nordic countries, including Katrín Olafsdottír, Stine Rasmussen, Natalie Munkholm, Bertil Rolandsson, Annamaria Westregård, Marjo Ylhäinen og Antti Saloniemi.

Project manager

Project participant(s)

Kristin Jesnes
Johan Røed Steen

Cooperating researchers

Rolf Røtnes, prosjektleder, Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse

Fernanda Winger Eggen, Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse

Jørgen Ingerød Steen, Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse

Commissioned by

Nordic Innovation

Research area(s)

Platform economy

Project period

August 2018
April 2019