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Johan Røed Steen


    Area of work

    Current projects


    The Skills2Capabilities project is about understanding how skill systems across Europe can reduce the level of skills mismatch in the labour markets. The study addresses this from both a demand side and a supply side perspective to identify how skill systems can better respond to meeting skill demands in a more fluid labour market environment. The project is a collaboration between research institutions in eight European countries. Fafo leads a work package where we will compare countries in how selected VET qualifications adjust to technological change, and how work content/organization interact with changes in VET qualifications.

    National Correspondent EUROFOUND

    The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND) is a triparty EU Agency that provides knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. The work is done with the assistance of national correspondents in the EU Member States, and the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion has granted Fafo the task as the national correspondent of Norway,

    Risk and working environment challenges in digitalized work

    The working environment of the future: Risk and working environment challenges in digitalized work arrangements across different forms of employment. A conceptual framework of the Nordic labour inspection authorities

    The Impact of Digitalization on Work and Labour Markets in the Nordics and the U.S.

    In cooperation with the University of Gothenburg, Michigan State University, and MIT, we will examine ongoing restructuring processes related to digitalization of work in Norway, Sweden and the U.S, the effects on labour market institutions and vice versa.

    Fafo publications

    Completed projects

    The contribution of skilled workers and apprentices in innovation processes
    Within research on innovation, there has been little research on the contribution of skilled workers and apprentices in innovation processes.
    Digital platforms - new ways of organising work and novel opportunities for economic growth

    In this project, Fafo and Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse (SØA) will identify bottlenecks, possible solutions and opportunities for growth and innovation of the platform economy.

    The future of work

    Major changes in technology, economic contexts, workforces, and the institutions of work have come in ebb and flow since well before the first industrial revolution in the 18th century. Yet, many argue that the changes we are currently facing are different, and that the rise of digitalized production will entirely transform our ways and views of work.

    Freedom of speech and whistleblowing in Norwegian municipalities

    In this project, we will study internal and external opportunities for exercising freedom of speech in Norwegian municipalities.

    Whistle-blowing and freedom of speech in Norwegian working life

    Fafo will carry out a new, wide survey on freedom of speech and whistle-blowing in Norwegian working life.