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Most Fafo-publications are in Norwegian. This list contains everything published in English

Collective bargaining in Northern Europe under strain

Multiple drivers of change and differing responses to them
Fafo-paper 2018:18
Jon Erik Dølvik and Paul Marginson

Nordic 0 – 24 collaboration on improved services to vulnerable children and young people

First interim report
Fafo-report 2018:22
Inger Lise Skog Hansen, Ragnhild Steen Jensen, Anne Hege Strand, Elisabeth Brodtkorb and Sidsel Sverdrup

Reconstructing a future: Ten years after the Wenchuan earthquake

Fafo-report 2018:21
Huafeng Zhang, Mona Christophersen, Kristin Dalen, Jing Liu and Jon Pedersen

Rethinking emergency school feeding: A child-centred approach

Fafo-report 2017:24
Anne Hatløy and Tone Sommerfelt

Efforts to ensure girls’ rights and gender equality in Norwegian development policies

An analysis of Norwegian policies from 2011 to 2017
Fafo-report 2018:06
Anne Hatløy and Tone Sommerfelt

Hidden in the numbers: Barriers to girls’ education in West Africa

A scoping study concerning knowledge about trends and sub-variations
Fafo-report 2017:39
Anne Kielland, Anne Hatløy, Tone Sommerfelt, Tewodros Aragie Kebede and Kathleen M. Jennings

Asylum, integration and irregular migration in Lithuania

Policy and practice at the edge of the European Union
Fafo-report 2017:23
Anette Brunovskis and Silje Sønsterudbråten

The impact of the working environment on work retention of older workers

National report – Norway
Fafo-paper 2017:09
Tove Midtsundstad, Ingrid Sivesind Mehlum and Anne Inga Hilsen

Vulnerability and exploitation along the Balkan route

Identifying victims of human trafficking in Serbia
Fafo-report 2017:12
Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees

Retaining Older Workers

Fafo-report 2016:45
Åsmund Hermansen

The Norwegian social model – an inspiration for Greece?

Fafo-report 2016:38
Magne Bråthen and Tone Fløtten
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