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Nerina Weiss
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PhD Social Anthropology, University of Oslo

Research areas

Violence and conflict, gender, political anthropology, migration, torture and social suffering, asylum, radicalization.




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  • Nerina Weiss, Anne Britt Djuve, Wendy Hamelink og Huafeng Zhang
    Konsekvenser for levekår og integrering
    Fafo-rapport 2017:07
  • Nerina Weiss
    Asylbarn med endelig avslag
    Fafo-rapport 2013:47


Other Fafo-publications

Book chapters


  • Six-Hohenbalken, M. & Weiss, N. (2011). Violence Expressed. An Anthropological Approach. London: Ashgate Publishing.



Other articles, op-eds


  • Weiss, N. (2012). Ambivalent Victims: Conflict, Gender and Expressions among Kurdish Activists in Eastern Turkey. PhD thesis. Department of Social Anthropology. Oslo: University of Oslo.

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