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Paul Marginson and Jon Erik Dølvik

Northern European Collective Wage Bargaining in the Face of Major Political-Economic Challenges: Common and Differing Trajectories

Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research

Ståle Østhus and Arne Mastekaasa

The impact of downsizing on remaining workers’ sickness absence

Social Science & Medicine

Elin K. Bye and Ståle Østhus

Alcohol and cannabis use in Norway during the period 1995-2009

Norsk Epidemiologi

Ståle Østhus and Ellen J. Amundsen

Estimating levels and trends in alcohol use
- investigating the validity of estimates based on Norwegian population surveys

Norsk Epidemiologi

Ståle Østhus

Health effects of downsizing survival and job loss in Norway

Social Science and Medicine

Sturla Nordlund and Ståle Østhus

What is alcohol abuse? Attitudes to drinking in seven European countries

Addiction Research & Theory
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