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  • Fafo-report 345
  • Lena C. Endresen, Arild Schou and Per Stadig

Norwegian Support to Palestinian Civil Society and the Rule of Law: A review

  • Fafo-report 345

This review recommends future directions for Norwegian support to civil society and the rule of law in the Palestinian Territory. Assessing the current situation in the area it reviews recent initiatives undertaken by other bilateral and multilateral donors focusing both on the application of legal principles in Palestinian institutions, and conditions for the Palestinian non-governmental sector. The report identifies segments of civil society instrumental in the promotion of the rule of law, and outlines key considerations that should serve as guidelines for future support.

  • Publisert: 16. februar 2000
  • Ordrenr. 345
  • ISBN
    ISBN 82-7422-324-1ISSN 0801-6143
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