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Ekstern rapport
  • Kacper Szulecki, Amit Chitra, Dag Harald Claes, Camilla Houeland and David Jordhus Lier

Norwegian Oil and Gas Transition: Building bridges towards a carbon neutral future


This report was written by the University of Oslo as part of the Oil and Gas Transitions (OGT) programme, which is co-led by Climate Strategies (CS) and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). OGT is an evidence-based programme which aims to generate evidence and co-produced pathways for policy action to accelerate oil and gas just transitions in the UK/Scotland, Denmark and Norway. The report identifies the current state, opportunities and barriers for a just transition of the oil and gas sector in Norway, as well as the key stakeholders and their views on the transition.

Szulecki, K., Chitra, A., Harald, D., Houeland, C., Jordhus-Lier, D. (2021). Norwegian Oil and Gas Transition: Building Bridges Towards a Carbon Neutral Future. University of Oslo.