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Compliance to regulations on temporary employment and labour hire

The last couple of years have seen increasing attention to a variety of challenges and issues pertaining to temporary employment and labour hire.

Under these circumstances several challenges have emerged when it comes to compliance and effectuation of regulations pertaining to such employment relationships. As a result, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs have called for a review of the need for further regulatory clearification, and of the extent to which current mechanism of compliance are adequately adapted to the current context.

Generally speaking, effective regulatory compliance necessitates unambiguous roles and responsibilities, and that actors are informed and empowered. Effective compliance to current regulations hinges on individual workers facing non-compliant employers take the necessary actions.

The research project has a triangular methodological design, combining both quantitative and qualitative methods and data. It rests on seven components:

  1. Analysis of data already collected
  2. A representative business survey
  3. A survey among tne Norwegian working population
  4. A survey among union delegates
  5. Semi-structured interviews among officials in employers' associations and trade unions
  6. Analysis of court proceedings
  7. Focus group interviews with workers, either on fixed-term contracts or recruited through temporary work agencies


Project period

  • Start:
    July 2018
  • End:
    February 2020

Commissioned by

  • Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet

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