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How do municipalities provide education to refugees during the pandemic?

Refugee advisors and teachers who work with the introduction program for refugees find that they have a demanding task of keeping teaching volume and, not least, quality, up these days. Municipalities shall ensure that participants in the introductory program receive educational services, and that participants in training in Norwegian and social sciences receive training even if their place of instruction is currently closed, unless it is not possible to offer the training via digital aids or in other ways. Fafo will investigate how municipalities, among other things, use digital tools to achieve this, and how they solve their responsibilities for various participants during the pandemic.

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Fafo-rapport 2020:16
Hanne C. Kavli og Ragna Lillevik
Kommunenes integreringsarbeid under koronautbruddet

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Hanne Cecilie Kavli

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Hanne Cecilie Kavli
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April 2020
May 2020