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The cleaning industry – a survey

Fafo and Economics Norway will carry out a survey of how the cleaning industry in the professional market works.

The background is, among other things, criticism that has been raised regarding wage and working conditions, including deficiencies in HSE standards and working hours, and that there is a lack of knowledge on the part of buyers about current laws and regulations.

Previous surveys have also shown that the knowledge of the approval scheme for cleaning companies is weak among buyers of cleaning services in the professional market.

Fafo-rapport 2018:26
Sissel C. Trygstad, Rolf K. Andersen, Bård Jordfald og Kristine Nergaard

Project manager

Project participant(s)

Mona Bråten
Sissel C. Trygstad

Commissioned by

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Research area(s)

Wage formation

Project period

December 2019
March 2020