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Extent of work outside of normal daytime hours

The main research question of the project is to investigate the extent of work outside regular daytime hours, specifically work in the evening, night, and weekends. The need for knowledge is described as twofold, partly an investigation within the retail sector, and partly a comprehensive mapping.

The research will provide answers regarding the number of people working outside regular daytime hours, the frequency of such work, and how the working hours are scheduled. Additionally, other characteristics of this type of work will be mapped, including solitary work and the ability of employees to influence the planning of working hours. The mapping will cover the entire labour market but with a separate report specifically for the retail sector. The survey within the retail sector will address certain questions that are particularly related to working hours and store opening times. This includes solitary work and the risk of threats and violence.


Project period

  • Start:
    June 2023
  • End:
    July 2024

Commissioned by

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion