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Elias Nosrati



    PhD in Social, Political, and Economic Sciences, University of Cambridge.

    Area of work

    Current projects

    Engaging workplaces: A social partners perspective on youth activation
    How can workplaces – encompassing employers, employees, and the organisational structures in which they are embedded – be reconfigured to facilitate the successful inclusion of vulnerable youth struggling to enter and retain a position in the labour market?
    Follow-up research of the Tørn program

    Follow-up research by Tørn, a development program in which 60 municipalities try out measures for better organization of work tasks, staff allocation and working time arrangements that can provide more full-time employment.

    Youth with neurobiological diagnoses

    The NEUROLIFE project maps experiences with and perspectives on living conditions, social participation, and public services among young people with neurodevelopmental diagnoses (ADHD, Autism and Tourette's Syndrome). A disproportionate number of young adults with these diagnoses meet physical, social, and financial challenges. There are clear limitations to how the public services are currently able to provide the support this group could need to have better lives.

    Completed projects