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Prosjektleder: Lise Lien
Prosjektslutt: 2016

The Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED) aims at strengthening higher education and research in low and middle income countries. The objective of NORHED’s program is measured by whether the grantees produce more graduates, both men and women, and whether these graduates are better qualified in six identified areas/sub-programs[1] as well as by the quantity and quality of research relevant to these areas. The program is expected to have an impact by contributing to more skilled workforce, increased knowledge, evidence-based policy and decision making, and greater gender equality in the long term.

The purpose of the assignment is to aggregate the results and achievements at the project level in 2015, to the programme level with the intention of providing an overview of NORHED’s activities, key achievements, results and best practices so far. Furthermore, the report should provide insight to the general challenges that the projects are facing.

In addition, the main focus of the 2015 annual report is to provide in-depth understanding and insights of NORHED projects using a selected NORHED projects focusing on two countries: Uganda and Ethiopia.

[1] These are: Education and Training; Health; Natural Resource Management; Climate Change, Environment,; Democratic and Economic Governance; Humanities, Culture, Media, and Communication; and Capacity Development in South Sudan.




Prosjektleder: Anne Hatløy
Prosjektslutt: 2016

Prosjektleder: Jon Erik Dølvik
Prosjektslutt: 2016

Prosjektleder: Jørgen Svalund
Prosjektslutt: 2016
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