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Economic incentives and integration of refugees

In 2019, Fafo and Frisch formulated three proposals for the use of financial incentives in the integration work for refugees and immigrants: a) Bonus to participants who pass Norwegian tests at a given level and at a certain time; b) Bonus to municipalities based on the participants' results in Norwegian education, and c) Bonus to municipalities and / or county municipalities that facilitate higher participation and completion of upper secondary education for newly arrived refugees over 25 years. In module 2 we will pilot all models and assess whether they are suitable for further systematic testing. The results will be summarized in a report, which explains the lessons learned, and gives a reasoned assessment of whether and under which conditions the model (s) should be tested on a larger scale.

Project manager

Project participant(s)

Marianne Takvam Kindt
Ragna Lillevik

Commissioned by

The directorate of integration and diversity

Project period

January 2020
December 2020